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Client Feedback

"I could not have done this without you" Read more from previous clients about my friendly, efficient and professional approach to decluttering and organising.

Claire of Keynsham

Kimberley is methodical, does things step-by-step and quietly works at the clients pace. She is excellent at suggestions and achieving what the client wants each day by listening and motivating. It is very helpful that Kimberley is able to take things to charity, etc...

Ayah of Warminster

I found Kimberly to be a wonderful, attentive and highly skilled organiser. She was always prompt, always had brilliant ideas and was a joy to have around. Would recommend her services any day of the week! Kimberley helped me to organise my very cluttered wardrobe and other aspects of my home storage and display. Thank you so much for all your help dear Kimberley!

Sally of Bath

When the stacks of 'things to do' have merged into one enormous heap then it's time to call Kimberley at Lumen Domus. I didn't really know where to start but Kimberley did and in one afternoon we had sorted, prioritised and actioned almost everything I needed to do. Two heads are definitely better than one. Thank you.

Penny of Bath

Kimberley was a godsend for me. My mother had needed to replace her garden shed for about 4 years, but wanted a quality shed at a civilized price. Kimberley helped her to see the process through, from helping to clear out the old shed, finding a supplier who would deliver and install exactly what Mum wanted and take the old shed away.   Kim’s fees were great value as she saved us hours of fruitless internet searching and indecision, and got the job done!.  Thank you so much Kimberley for all your help.  It is a great shed!

Mary of Bath

Your help in clearing the junk from an old garden shed was much appreciated, as was the sifting of a multiplicity of suppliers of new sheds! The replacement shed has proved a great improvement and a pleasure to use.


I urge anyone who stares at unorganised piles of papers and belongings, to contact Kimberley. With discreet charm and firmness, order is brought to chaos, making a huge difference in a short space of time. Kimberley is delightful to have in one's home, very professional and easy to work with.


Kimberley's help was invaluable in getting my house de-cluttered and organised. She actually set in motion a momentum which I was able to maintain even after she left. I will definitely contact her again to keep me on track. Thank you Kimberley!


Initially I called Lumen Domus because although I am relatively tidy, I struggle to maintain it as I was drowning in all of my stuff. The service Lumen Domus provided meant that I was able to introduce a 'system' so that I was able to keep my house tidy. I was also able to look at my possessions objectively in order to sort the things I wanted to keep from the things that were cluttering up my mind and my space. I would recommend this service to anyone who struggles with keeping their environment tidy and would like to improve it!

Cheryl of Bath

We are moving to Seattle and renting out our house so there's been a lot to organise.  Kim brings lots of positive energy to the sorting, tidying and clearing chores and helps me by following up on deliveries and chasing appointments with plumbers and electricians when I have to be at work.  Kim is methodical and patient and it's so satisfying to see progress at the end of the day.

Christine Penny

Moving is a daunting and often stressful experience. Christine Penny employed the services of Kimberley at Lumen Domus recently to assist with a house move for a family who had been in the same home for more than 20 years.

As the family were moving into a smaller property the objective was to clear the house of clutter. Knowing that many items would not be making the move, it was important to use the opportunity to present the house at it's best prior to going to the market.

This was an emotional experience, but was better handled prior to a sale, as the clients were able to make informed decisions about parting with familiar possessions.

I was very impressed with Kimberley's approach. She spent time with each family member and carefully and thoughtfully sorted through their personal space and belongings. At first the family were unsure, as this was their private space, however, Kimberley is firm but gentle and it did not take long for them to realise the benefits and appreciate the outcome.

Kimberley came prepared with all the right tools and it did not take long to transform a cluttered family home into a clean and managed property for sale. It was a perfect opportunity for the clients to handle their emotions and detach themselves from the inevitable move.

Best of all, because this work was managed, the house was transformed and sold within 2 weeks at the asking price.

I cannot recommend Kimberley highly enough. She offers a very personal service. She is not judgemental, she just gets on with it. You will be left wondering why you hadn't thought of inviting her in sooner.

OG of Backwell

Working with Kim is a pleasure and not at all scary - as I had imagined it could be! She is full of great ideas but is very flexible about accommodating one's own ideas into a plan. Her suggestions on decluttering were sensible and not expensive and I was very pleased with the results. As well as suggestions she is great at actually sourcing shelves, filing cabinets, storage boxes etc etc and can come up with several alternatives - saving hours of internet searching. And, finally, she is very good at "persuading" you to get rid of stuff you know you really don't need but have hung onto "just in case"!

Sarah Brightling of Bristol

"A colleague recommended me to Lumen Domus and I am so glad she did!

Just once in a while the most efficient people can feel out of control and that's the situation I was in when I called on Lumen Domus.

My parents had died very close to each other and long years of working full time, looking after a family at weekends and - I have to admit - an element of shutting my eyes to the problem - meant that I had mounds of paperwork, objects and just sheer "stuff" to clear out.

It got so bad that nearly each room had piles to be sorted, thrown out, or put away. Unusually for me, I felt the task was overwhelming and just didn't know where to start. That's where Kimberley at Lumen Domus came in. She arrived dead on time, we chatted a little about the problem and what I wanted from her visit, and then she set to with a will! To anyone else some of the objects I wanted to go through might have appeared to be "junk", but to me they were parts of my family's past and I was grateful to Kimberley for treating them with respect and great sensitivity.

In a matter of days, it was just sheer joy to see each room transformed - particularly my dining room, to which she added a few brilliant home interior decorating touches, and improved it greatly! People comment on how good the house looks now and I feel in control of my life once more.

I am very grateful to Lumen Domus for coming to the rescue in such a crisis and for leaving me with such an organised and beautiful house - and life!"

Alison Miles of Bath

"Following a long period of building work and renovations my wedding dress workroom had disappeared beneath a mountain of boxes and clutter, work had migrated into other rooms in the house and although I struggled on for several months the constant hassle of not being able to find things straight away and having to move stuff to reach something else was really getting me down. I decided to call in the experts – Kimberley Delius of Lumen Domus. Amazingly she didn’t run a mile but said “o.k. no problem! This is how we’ll do it!”

Kimberley was very easy to work with; sympathetic but business-like with a great can-do attitude and immediately dispelled all images of television de-cluttering shows, it wasn’t like that at all! She suggested several ways of organising my tools and fabrics and the solution we chose is working very well indeed.

My business is running much more efficiently and I have regained control of my stock levels.

I now have very workable systems in place for all my designs and paperwork and all my files are up to date!

The cost in terms of money and time spent on the exercise has been repaid many times over in efficiency savings.

In transforming my workspace Kimberley also managed to store everything in the workroom and reclaim the spare room in the process. She also re-organised my fitting room and as a result it now feels as if the room has doubled in size! – So thank you Kimberley for reinventing an inspirational workspace from the shambles that was before."

J of Bath

"Lumen Domus helped me to sort through my father's house and possessions after he passed away last year. Over the course of a week we worked through the majority of the house contents, either boxing up for retention, or disposing as appropriate.

Kimberley brought a great deal of sensitivity to the process, and provided some focus that kept things moving during the relatively difficult task of going through a large quantity of personal possessions.

I believe that the time saving was considerable compared with the time it would have taken to tackle the job without help. I would certainly recommend the service for any similar undertaking."

Jennifer Howard

"I’d had a box of old family photographs going back to my great grandparents’ time at the turn of the last century. For years I’d been meaning to sort through them and frame some of them up but I never seemed to have enough time to devote to the project. The task was also daunting because when I did occasionally look through them, I could never decide which ones were appropriate to display and which were better suited to an album.

Kimberley Delius from Lumen Domus took care of it all. She discussed each stage of the project with me with care, professionalism and attention to detail; she discussed which photographs were appropriate and why; she organized them with dates and names; she discussed colour schemes; and she lovingly had the photos mounted and framed.

I am delighted with the results: it was a beautiful job completed within the agreed budget.

I highly recommend Lumen Domus!"


"Breaking through the Blocks. The space we live in is like a representation of ourselves. In my job as a massage therapist, I find the blocks that people let build up in their body and assist them in easing the pain that it causes.

When I asked Lumen Domus to help me clear the space in my basement, it was as if she sensed that the clutter that built up like waves against its walls were blocks I needed assistance to clear. Kimberley knew exactly where to begin the job. She knew when to hold my hand and be supportive. And she knew when to stand over me and be firm, in order for me to make the decisions to create the right kind of space.

She has a brilliant eye for the potential of organising an area, and she is incredibly tactful about suggesting it to you, always respectful and kind, and never, never bossy in the least.

When Lumen Domus was spending the day with me, it was easy and stress-free. I could see before my eyes what a difference it was making, and feel this incredible relief that some of the biggest obstacles were past. This meant I could continue to carry on some of the good work on my own, and be proud to show her my progress. I can't wait to see more of this kind of clarity."