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Declutter and Organise

Lumen Domus offers a range of services to help you declutter and organise your home, business or life. Are there tasks that you have been putting off for too long or jobs that are simply too difficult on your own? Would you like to be organised? If the answer is yes to any of these then I can help.

Need to declutter?

Stuff. It’s easy to have too much of it. It can build up almost without us noticing and suddenly we can be weighed down by it.

It clutters our homes and uses up space. Soon it can take ages to find anything, leaving us feeling overwhelmed. Before you know it putting a room or your home back in order can feel like a mammoth task.

I can help you sort through it, declutter and organise, get rid of things you don’t really need or haven’t used for ages and create storage solutions for what you want to keep.

Wouldn’t it be good if you had everything neat and organised, space to breathe, space you didn’t know you had. Tackling jobs on your own can be tough and the longer you put them off the harder it is to start them. You’ll be amazed at the difference you could make to your home, with my help.

Moving Home?

A hundred and one things to do… We all know moving house can be one of the most stressful times in one’s life. But it doesn’t have to be.

Why not let me take the strain by helping you organise and box up your things. I can even help unpack at the other end. It’s also a good time to get rid of things you don’t need. Particularly as removal companies charge by weight or volume so why take unwanted clutter with you? Moving house can be a fresh start, an opportunity to evaluate and prioritise.

Going through and packing up a lifetime of belongings can be a daunting task but don’t let it be a chore, make it a stress-free move.

Selling Your Home?

Spacious, bright and welcoming. These are the qualities buyers are looking for in their new home. And therefore how your home needs to feel when they see it.

Making your house more appealing to a potential buyer can sometimes mean removing those things that might put a buyer off, re-arranging furniture or simply making sure everything is neat and tidy.

This is when it’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes to work out what needs to be done. Let me help you present your house at its best.

Lost a Loved One?

Dealing with the belongings of someone who has passed away can be an emotional and difficult experience.

It’s often easier with someone to help, someone who can give the support and strength you need. I work with sensitivity and understanding to help you through a difficult time, whether it be packing up belongings or helping to dispose of unwanted items.

Need a Spring Clean?

Let me help you Spruce Up! I will sort out any room in need of a spring clean.

Sometimes we feel that the job is just too boring or we don’t have enough time to tackle it. It could be your kitchen … sticky cupboards, food out of date and broken dishes and pots and pans ready for the bin. Is it a closet or bedroom bulging at the seams with clothes that you can’t seem to sort through or you haven’t worn for months or even years? Fresh look for a fresh New Year! Let Lumen Domus help – please contact me on 07903-135-230

Something Else?

You tell me. What is it that’s stopping you get on, with your life or your business?

I am sure I can help. It could be with a task that you don’t have time for; one that you’ve been putting off; one that you need help with. It may not have been covered by the other services I’ve described but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not within my scope.

It could be getting a room ready for a new baby; getting a house ready for Christmas; help with preparation for large parties or a wedding or simply having guests to stay; converting a children’s room into an office; sorting out after builders have been in; sorting through paperwork... or anything in between!

My service is bespoke so let me know how you think I can help you.