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Lumen Domus offers a range of services to help you declutter and organise your home, business or life.

Let Lumen Domus help you declutter and organise

Are there tasks that you have been putting off for too long or jobs that are simply too difficult on your own? Would you like to be organised? If the answer is yes to any of these then I can help. Lumen Domus offers a range of services to help you declutter and organise your home, business or life. Lumen Domus has been operating since 2006 in the Bath area but I would be willing to discuss projects anywhere in the UK.

National Organising Week

APDO National Organising Week 2020

Make your home work for you

This year, National Organising Week will focus on how to be more organised in the home.

Now more than ever as we continue to live with Covid19, our homes have become even more important.
Many of us are spending more time at home and using space differently: as a shelter, a work or study location, a reduced socialising space and more. Being organised is a key skill that can help everyone make the most of the current challenges.

During NOW 2020 there will 7 daily blog posts of ready-made content on APDO’s website crammed full of advice, tips, and information to help people organise their homes.

Get in touch with Lumen Domus to find out how I can help you achieve your goals this year.

Latest Blog Posts

Ideas to make your life easier

Spring is Finally Here!
5th April 2017

We made it through January, February was a short month and now we are half way through March – things are beginning to bloom and we can begin to open windows, doors and clear out the cobwebs!  The dictionary’s definition of ‘spring’ is to ‘move or jump suddenly or rapidly upwards or forwards’. This movement […]

How many pairs of shoes are too many?
1st February 2017

As a professional organiser, I pride myself on providing a service whereby I do not judge, state my opinion or comment unless asked. My main ethos of what I do is to fulfil ‘my brief’ – the particular reason my clients have hired me, which although not explicitly said is often to ‘start a new […]

Why Hire an Organiser, Why Hire Me!
1st February 2017

Why hire me? Why pay to have someone come and help you sort, organise or clear out your house? For lots of people this is a fairly unfamiliar service but over last few years there has been a growing appreciation of the value of ‘decluttering’, as it’s sometimes referred to. While many might consider this […]

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