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Lumen Domus offers a range of services to help you declutter and organise your home, business or life.

Let Lumen Domus help you declutter and organise

Are there tasks that you have been putting off for too long or jobs that are simply too difficult on your own? Would you like to be organised? If the answer is yes to any of these then I can help. Lumen Domus offers a range of services to help you declutter and organise your home, business or life. Lumen Domus has been operating since 2006 in the Bath area but I would be willing to discuss projects anywhere in the UK.

Client Feedback

"I could not have done this without you" Read more from previous clients about my friendly, efficient and professional approach to decluttering and organising.

Kimberley is methodical, does things step-by-step and quietly works at the clients pace. She is excellent at suggestions and achieving what the client wants each day by listening and motivating. It is very helpful that Kimberley is able to take things to charity, etc.
Claire, Keynsham
Kimberley was a godsend for me. My mother had needed to replace her garden shed for about 4 years, but wanted a quality shed at a civilized price. Kimberley helped her to see the process through, from helping to clear out the old shed, finding a supplier who would deliver and install exactly what Mum wanted and take the old shed away.   Kim’s fees were great value as she saved us hours of fruitless internet searching and indecision, and got the job done!.  Thank you so much Kimberley for all your help.  It is a great shed!
Penny, Bath
Your help in clearing the junk from an old garden shed was much appreciated, as was the sifting of a multiplicity of suppliers of new sheds! The replacement shed has proved a great improvement and a pleasure to use.
Mary, Bath
I found Kimberly to be a wonderful, attentive and highly skilled organiser. She was always prompt, always had brilliant ideas and was a joy to have around. Would recommend her services any day of the week!
Ayah, Warminster
We are moving to Seattle and renting out our house so there's been a lot to organise. Kim brings lots of positive energy to the sorting, tidying and clearing chores and helps me by following up on deliveries and chasing appointments with plumbers and electricians when I have to be at work. Kim is methodical and patient and it's so satisfying to see progress at the end of the day.
Cheryl, Bath
I find that it is easier to focus and achieve what you are aiming for when you are working with someone outside your family. Kimberley is organized, experienced and a lovely person to be around. Having her to help you gets the job done so much faster, and without excessive indecision.
Leah, 12 years old, Bath
I am very grateful to Lumen Domus for coming to the rescue in such a crisis and for leaving me with such an organised and beautiful house - and life!
Sarah Brightling
The cost in terms of money and time spent on the exercise has been repaid many times over in efficiency savings.
Alison Miles, Bath
When Lumen Domus was spending the day with me, it was easy and stress-free. I could see before my eyes what a difference it was making.

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