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How many pairs of shoes are too many?
1st February 2017

As a professional organiser, I pride myself on providing a service whereby I do not judge, state my opinion or comment unless asked. My main ethos of what I do is to fulfil ‘my brief’ – the particular reason my clients have hired me, which although not explicitly said is often to ‘start a new beginning/a new chapter’ in their lives. How much they wish to get discard, give to charity, or keep is purely their decision. I work with my client and I hope that through lots of conversations, strategies and gentle guidance my clients always end up getting rid of more items (that they don’t want or need) than they ever thought they would at the beginning of the project. It is not for me to tell them which shoes to get rid of for example, but I gently encourage them to see that keeping only the best of what they have is the real goal and by doing so, helping them to be in control of their home and their life.