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Why Hire an Organiser, Why Hire Me!
1st February 2017

Why hire me? Why pay to have someone come and help you sort, organise or clear out your house? For lots of people this is a fairly unfamiliar service but over last few years there has been a growing appreciation of the value of ‘decluttering’, as it’s sometimes referred to. While many might consider this something they could just do themselves, the truth is… not everyone can, or wants to, and there is no shame in that. Help is not a bad thing. Paying for a professional service that brings skill and experience takes the pressure off, gets the job done quicker and is peace of mind. And life’s too short for stress or putting up with a space that’s getting you down, or stopping you being happy.

So why hire me? Well in my case it’s because, most importantly, I’m good at my job – I’ve helped dozens of clients, sorting whole houses, to individual rooms, to paperwork, outhouses, sheds, attics, you name it… I work quickly but without rushing, I get things done in an effective and efficient way. But, equally important, because I am easy to work with – I pride myself on being friendly, polite, helpful and caring. I’m there to make your life easier. So why pay for a service like this? Because you’ll be able to get on with your life or potentially make a fresh new start. Because I can make you feel good about yourself and your home!